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s.ketchbook.com - A new project that may eventually become an iPhone app. Done using HTML5 specifications in PHP with MySQL and the jQuery library.

Sage - Sage Investment Advisors provide independent research and advice on a managed fee basis. Our success is driven by the growth of our clients' assets, not by trading frequency. They needed a logo that was clean, simple, and denoted the idea of tending a growing investment portfolio carefully. The growing sage plant from the top of their name does that cleanly without cluttering the design or making the viewer forget the name, which in this field, is the number one priority.

Black Cat Crossing
Black Cat Crossing - When starting a new business, everything is a hard slog. Figuring out your business plan, finding capitol. Just making sure you have a moment to breath every day can be difficult. But one thing that can make life easier is having a bold brand image that seen once, is always remembered. Black Cat Crossing, a book store and specialty shop is barely on it's legs, but with some help from a brash and clean logo, the owner will be remembered wherever her proposals, letterhead or business cards appear.

Sandelin Insurance - What started as a simple logo design for business cards and letterhead grew into a full website design and implementation. The site is written in coldfusion and includes an SQL back-end, some j-query elements and a splash of fun with xml.

The final site includes a custom made content management system and user creation/editing tool. There is an announcement section built from a combination of an official Allstate RSS feed and additions in-line from the Sandelin Agency administrators themselves. Also there is a blog with image uploading, individual contact popups, and an insurance policy quoting tool. While the folks at the agency gather up their information for the official unveiling, a stripped down version is up at www.sandelininsurance.com. A more complete test-bed version is visible here.

Super Secret Squirrel Project - Web 2.0 businesses are a dime a dozen. But every once in a while, one comes along that does it all so differently that it reorganizes the way people think about a product or service. Syntch may well be one of those companies. I've had the opportunity to work with the founder on a logo to help with the launch. Over the coming months I hope to help with the website as well.

Wayne Engineering, LLC - Proposed logo for Wayne Engineering, LLC. A company looking to upgrade its brand image, and its reputation needs to revamp from the ground up. Wayne's old logo comes from the early 80's and looks like it too. With a redesign that updates its appearance, the company can look fresh, and feel fresh too. The psychological impact of a clean professional image can be felt not just by customers, but employees as well.


MatthewMatthew Davis | I'm a graphic designer with over twenty years of experience and a broad range of skills. From freehand design to coding and art direction of world class 3D video games, I've handled all kinds of projects in a variety of fields. I'm also an expert in the entire Adobe Creative Suite, but especially with Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere.

Gametroll.net is my blog of current projects and customers as well as a venue for new clients to view my work. I wrote this incarnation in DreamWeaver using HTML5 protocols, JQuery, Flash and AS3.


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User Interface Design

Flyboys iPhone Blitz Map lululemon Capital One Capital One Rock Creek Sandelin


Black Cat Crossing Sage Warbirds for Mac Wayne Syntch Sandelin

Hand Drawn

Portrait Dragon Portrait Lighthouse Dragon Torso Farmer Figure Study
3D Modeling

Robot P-38 Cockpit Wheel Hub Wheel and Riser Sopwith Camel Nieuport Lagg Hub Interior Modern Trainer Corsair Spitfire Hub Parts P-40 Hub Components Robot Drone Camel WWI Dials Lagg Warbirds Splash X-Wings B-17 Cockpit B-17 Mosquito FW-190 Cockpit Mosquito Cockpit WWI Airfield P-38 WWI Bomber Jet Robot Tank Gotha Jeep


Soldier Starbucks Hermes Self Portrait Starbucks Wreck Characature True Love Dogs Caffeine


Matthew Davis

Cell: 1 (713) 392-8358

Email: gametroll@gmail.com

University of South Dakota Vermillion, South Dakota 1988-1992 Bachelors of Fine-Arts

Vermillion High School Vermillion, South Dakota Graduated 1989

Interests Camping / Travel / Skateboarding / Snowboarding / Soccer


Environments: ColdFusion, ASP.NET, Java, PHP

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL

Languages: C#, Visual Basic, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Java, ColdFusion, ActionScript

Libraries & Frameworks: jQuery, jQuery-Mobile, LessCSS, Mustache(5), Handlebars.js, Foundation, Twitter Bootstrap

Expert User In: 3d Studio Max (9 years) Adobe: Illustrator (10 years), Photoshop (12 years), Dreamweaver (6 years), Eclipse (1 year), Visual Studio(8), Flash (10 years), Captivate (2 years), Premiere (4 years), Soundbooth (2 years), Camtasia (1 year)

Work Experience In Detail

Amplifi Commerce (Front-End Designer) July 2012 – November 2012/ Addison, Texas
JSP, Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, ATG. At Amplifi I helped develop e-commerce sites for medium to large companies using Eclipse in a Java/ATG environment with a focus on UI/UX using CSS3 & HTML5 with Javascript and jQuery. Completed R&D on UI solutions with Twitter Bootstrap framework as well as creating best practices for a Javascript solution for form injection attacks. I also created a screen test web application for testing sites adaptation to various devices and screen sizes. Projects: www.foxhead.com www.rockcreek.com www.lululemon.com

Epsilon (Senior UI Engineer) October 2011 - July 2012/ Irving, Texas
At Epsilon, I’m Using ASP.NET and VB to create a mobile rewards management application for a large bank. The project is using SCRUM to handle development and we’re implementing features of HTML5 and jQuery mobile to handle the front-end. I’m also gaining experience with MVC3 on the team’s side projects.

Raytheon (Software Developer) August 2010 - October 2011/ McKinney, Texas
Writing software tools for the logistics operations of seven facilities in the Space and Airborne Systems department . Using Coldfusion and SQL, providing intranet sites geared for data warehousing solutions for large internal organizations and providing metrics to managers to improve efficiency and streamline logistical operations.

Cosentino North America (Web Developer) November 2008 - August 2009/ Stafford, Texas
Worked in Coldfusion and Flash to integrate video into several websites for the company. Collaborated to design new, and improve old kiosks for our products, including an AS3 version of a kiosk for the Home Depot. I updated some projects from AS2 to AS3. Helped develop the accounting and project management site that the company relied on for asset allocation and sales reporting. I was also the point man for all internal and external training aids using Flash, Soundbooth and Captivate, as well as developing PDF documentation for site training. Also handled integration of UPS online tools into all of the companies various sites. Site credits (partial) include:
This site includes the web version of a Flash kiosk that was used in Home Depot stores.
Another version of the same kiosk we developed.
Flash help videos and navigation elements in AS3.
More Flash AS3 development for site navigation and advertising.
At one time this entire site was done in Flash AS2 and I handled the conversion of major portions of it to Actionscript 3.

iEntertainment Network (Lead Designer) 2001 – November 2008 / Cary, North Carolina
Started as assistant designer under direction of Lead Designer for six months. During which I was put in charge of producing all content for Warbirds: Fighter Pilot Academy. After promotion to lead designer, I managed all online and boxed product games from concept to implementation with as many as seven artist and programmers as well as a large player development group which I founded and manage to this day. Project manager for boxed and online games. I handle design elements and schedules for groups of three to ten in order to meet deadlines for game product development and marketing. Concept development and implementation for all aspects of the games including UI, environment, 3d objects, vehicles and 2d texture work. Handle graphic art (2-D and 3-D) development and artistic oversight from other artists for inclusion in games. Some C++ programming especially in regards to UI and other graphics related areas. Worked with Java to create a flight model building application. Server administration. (Unix and Windows) Website administration. (HTML, XHTML, PHP, MySql) Forum creation, development and administration on servers running Apache. Founder and Leader of Player Development Corps (PDC). Organize, assign, direct and implement player provided content that includes programming, 2-D art, 3-D art, historical research, and engineering through forum based management. Aid in the planning and realization of yearly gaming convention. Host and direct convention activities.

Self Employed (Freelance Artist) 1992-Present
Provided art and graphics for clients. Multimedia design, label design, logo and business artwork, mural design and painting. Computer graphic and traditional artwork. Have continued working occasionally in a freelance capacity for local businesses and some international clients. I have also contributed to some open source projects and other “free” projects. Latest project of this type is PlainJain for iPhone. A family of themes for the Summerboard application. More information can be found at http://plainjain.wordpress.com. I have worked on a number of web-sites and web-based applications over the years and have a good grounding in html, xml, and css. I also deal well with back-end work in ColdFusion, PHP and dealing with databases, typically SQL or MySQL. I have also used Flash since its inception.

Minuteman Press (Art Director) 2000-2001 / Temple, Texas
Coordinating with clients and shop personnel (3) to make deadlines, market the business and meet customer requirements. Take concepts and provide artistic direction and design options for business and personal graphic needs. Design business logos and advertising concepts. Layout for Xerox CMYK digital and drum printing applications.

Fort Hood Sentinel (Art Director) 1996-2000 / Fort Hood, Texas
Directed the “look and feel” of the newspaper with a staff of five. Supervised story development, graphic design, photography, concept art, feature reporting, advertising design, physical layout and publishing.

References available upon request.