a brief history of matt

Howdy! I'm Matt Davis, aka gametroll. I've been a graphic designer, art director and director of user experience in a career spanning 25 years.

I started in the darkest art of tattooing at Uncle John's in Austin, Texas before moving on to freelance graphic design work in Houston. When life handed me my first child I "got serious" and landed work as the Art Director of the Fort Hood Sentinel base newspaper.

From their I went to iENT in North Carolina. There I spent seven years as the lead game designer working on air combat simulation games. Having published more then five titles, I moved on to Cosentino where I found my footing in e-commerce design.

After moving to Denton I worked gigs at Raytheon, Epsilon and Amplifi as front-end engineer. From these jobs I gained confidence and experience enough to shoot for the stars. I then found my current home at Expedite Commerce as Director of User Experience.

My design philosophy is pretty simple. Take out as many steps as you reasonably can and make life as easy for the user as possible. If there's data I can find and supply without user input, if there are steps that can be skipped, if there are complexities that can be bypassed. Do it... as long as it doesn't confuse the user.

"A magic button that does all the work is fine... even preferred... as long as the user understands what just happened."

a smattering of some of my more recent designs


Badges for training app.

Dead Squirrel

Brewery logo.

Girl Power

Making characters w/ Procreate.


Sign for a spooky store.


A heck of a year.


Throw away the Go button... okay.

here's some other places you can find me